Emergency Fund

Wow. It’s been a minute huh?

Not much has happened since my last entry. We are still trucking along with our plan. The Hubs got a nice check last payday. Due to some retro pay for a pay increase that HR overlooked. But it was enough to fund our $1000 emergency fund in BS 1 almost fully. The remaining should be funded by the end of the year. Then we can focus on BS 2. If you don’t know what those are I suggest researching Dave Ramsey and his method.

Starting BS2 in January puts us right on track for our goal. Our goal is to pay down $6500 of our debt by the end of March 2017. So far we are at $1000 that we have paid down since getting serious with this journey over the Summer. I won’t lie, there are still days that it’s hard. But we are alot better than we were five months ago. And I am vocal about this. I don’t hide that we are following Dave Ramsey or that we are getting out of debt. Just the opposite, I embrace it. If I could shout it from the rooftops I totally would.

The side hustles I am doing to help with our debt, I am still doing. Well I should say, I am still donating plasma. The cinnamon roll thing got too messy. Not in the physical sense but in the people are too damn needy and flaky sense. Too many people asking too much of me and my time. So I stopped that. It got to the point where the amount of money I was putting in, the amount of my time it took up and the effort of getting people to follow through was not worth it to me. Second jobs won’t work for our schedules right now either. But that’s ok because things will work out as they should.

So for now I sit here with my most recent medical bills (ED visit a few weeks ago for a painful kidney stone) adding them to my snowball.

Until next time…….stay debt free! Or less debt than before lol


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