Side Hustle

One of the big things that Dave Ramsey talks about is income. It’s huge, because obviously you need money to live. But when I listen to Daves podcasts or get the chance to watch him live on his YouTube channel, he always has someone calling in with an income problem. Usually it’s a lack of income that’s preventing financial peace. For us it’s a combo of income problem but also a budget problem. I have said it before, I am a spender. Usually it’s on food of some sort but still spending. I am getting better on that though. But it’s also an income problem.

Let me back up a minute. We have decent jobs with decent pay. I work as a CNA in a hospital and the Hubs works in a warehouse for medical supplies. If we had no debt, we would be just fine. But that isn’t the case. I would go get a 2nd job in a heartbeat because I have the skills to do so. However due to daycare, getting a 2nd job outside the home would mean paying someone to watch the kids which would defeat the purpose of a 2nd job. The Hubs already works overtime every week. So my solution is to find something I can do from home to make money. Which brings me to my side hustles. Donating plasma, baking and babysitting.

Donating plasma isn’t something I particularly like to do but it’s easy money for the most part. Babysitting is fine on my days off work. But what I have been doing lately is baking. Cinnamon Rolls and Monkey Bread (dough rolled in cinnamon sugar drizzled with butter and baked in a bundt pan). And people are paying for it! Today alone I made $60 on orders. I have another $35 worth of orders to fill for this weekend. I know it’s not much but over time it will build up.

So if you are following Dave Ramsey and wondering how to make more money,  think about what your skills are. Can you find something to do in your spare time to sell? Are you able to offer a service? Does your vehicle qualify to drive for Uber or Veyo? Making money isn’t hard, saving it is.


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