To date

First off, I have been listening to Dave Ramsey podcasts all day today since I discovered the app castbox. All day. Literally all day. And it’s motivating. Listening to all the debt free calls but it’s also educational listening to others ask questions and hearing Daves answers.

Secondly, I am so excited that I am going to be going to one od Daves tours next week. Granted he isn’t going to be there but his people are. I call them his soldiers lol. It’s the smart money tour. My mom bought me a ticket which I paid her back for since I was at work when she found out about it. I am so excited about going to this tour. It’s a three hour event (a three hour tour hahaha hope I don’t wind up on a deserted island).

To date we have paid off $625 dollars. Not much I know. But it’d $625 that we don’t have to pay anymore. We are still working on our other debt. I am hoping October will have another $900 paid off. I have worked alot of extra hours. I have picked up extra shifts as has my husband.

Today I made a detailed menu for the week, posted it on the fridge and that’s set in stone.

We have discussed Christmas presents this year and we are going to adopt the 4 present rule, something to wear, something to read, something they want and something they need. That’s it. And the stocking rule will be simple. Stuff we can find at the dollar store or the dollar bin at target. Max of $5 per stocking.

Holiday time stresses me out like most other mothers. But it’s a great time to earn some extra money since I bake and colder months tend to make people want to eat and I can sell my baked goods.

On that note I do have some cinnamon roll dough rising that should be done soon.

Don’t lose sight of what you want!!!



One down…..many to go

We have one debt paid off!!!!!

We paid off one of my husband’s student loans. $375.75……gone. But that’s a $50 a month expense that we don’t have to worry about.

We still have a long way to go, but it felt good to pay something off. ¬†When we decided to follow Dave Ramsey that particular debt was almost $700 and while it has been about four or so months since we started, it’s nice to have an accomplishment.

Now we tackle the next debt. I may have mentioned in a previous post that we have decided to tackle the debt first before having a full emergency fund. I get the concept and I understand the reasoning behind an emergency fund, some of our debts are less than the $1000 Dave Ramsey’s plan recommends. We will get there. It’s slow, but we have one debt gone.