Wow. It’s been a while.

First a quick update on our backyard garden. We are eating veggies that we have grown! This year has been a learning curve in the garden area. Lots of things learned that we will do differently next year.

All the kids head back to school next week. I came in under budget on back to school supplies for the older ones. That is a win in my book. Too bad that extra money ended up going into fixing the ac in one of the vehicles we own (free and clear since we don’t do car payments anymore).

Onto hard stuff. I’m still trying to figure out a way to pay off debt. We are behind on credit card bills and it seems that more bills come in everyday. Medical bills are piling up too. The last time this happened we filed bankruptcy.  I’m determined not to have to do that this time. I wish we could consolidate all our bills and just pay one monthly bill. But that Avenue just is not an option. So we are doing the best we can.

We rarely eat out. This weekend we did splurge and ate at taco bell. But I feel guilty about that. I feel guilty about spending money every time I have to. Even if it’s for necessary items. I food prep alot. That way it’s easier to grab something at home instead of stopping somewhere. It’s working. My kids aren’t asking for things anymore.

I still feel like we are in a black hole and can’t get out. Like the walls are caving in and our lifeline is out of reach. But we are so close on some things being paid off. We did pay off a few medical bills. We have some payment plans set up on others. We can buckle down some more. I know we can. We can tighten our budget up. With the kids going back to school it will be harder since we will have school lunches to buy for. (Our oldest says that buying lunch at school doesn’t give him enough time to eat since he stands in line so long). We do the free/reduced lunch program every year. So that helps a little.

I just keep telling myself it could be worse. This will pass. We will find a way out of this hole. Even if our credit is taking the biggest hit right now….we can recover from this.



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