“Blood Money”

I wish I could say that I haven’t been blogging much because I’m driven to pay down debt so I have taken another job. That is not true. No I have been away because I haven’t had anything new to share.

We are still very focused on paying off debt and we are still be very frugal. We don’t eat out unless someone else is paying (but to be fair people know we are following dave ramsey and that we have cut out alot) which my parents take us out once a month or so. Nothing excessive. We eat ALL meals at home and my husband and I take our lunches to work.

We are trying to find ways to earn extra income. My husbands and my work schedules do not allow for 2nd jobs unfortunately.  If we did take on 2nd jobs that would mean daycare costs which would defeat the purpose of a 2nd job.

But what I have decided to do is try to use my talents and sell some homemade goods. I sew and bake and while nothing has come of it yet I’m hoping something will soon. I have also decided that “donating” plasma is another way I can make some money. My friend refers to this as blood money. It’s not long term but it’s a way to make extra money and to make ends meet on those weeks we are short on funds.

Whatever you gotta do right?

On a positive note…..we are only $470 away from paying off one of my husband’s student loans. I’m excited about that!!!! One debt (almost) down but many more to go.



I can’t complain about my life. I have 3 healthy and happy children. My husband and I both have good full time jobs. We have a bed to sleep in every night and food in our refrigerator. We don’t want for the nessesary items in life.

But getting out of debt…..that’s hard. Paychecks only go so far. I feel like we aren’t making a dent in our debt. I know that we will have a few small ones paid off by the end of the year. But living paycheck to paycheck sucks. We are part of the population where one major event can send us over the edge.

I try to find ways to cut in our budget. We have decided that our minivan is our work vehicle.  I drive it to work 3 days a week since I work further from home. On my days off my husband drives it. On the 1-2 days a week our schedules overlap and we are both needing to work he drives the durango. He only works 10 mins from home. Still in the same town.  That has helped our gas budget alot.

I have seriously stopped the extra spending.  I only get what I need from the store. I turn invites down from friends to go out. People hold me accountable at work.  It’s nice that others are helping me stay on track.

Today I am just having one of those “poor me” days. The days that you never think you will see a light. The days that you ignore all the phone calls coming in because you know who it is and you don’t have an extra $5 to give to anyone. Heck not even an extra $1. I know this will get better. I know it’s a long & hard road to debt freedom. I have faith that we can and will do this. I am not on this path looking for anything but knowledge and freedom and the tools we need to climb up this mountain. I know for our family’s future that we need to be debt free. It is the only way we will be able to reach our goals. I know this is the right path, I just have to put my faith in God that he will help us through this. With the tools Dave Ramsey has provided I believe debt free is achievable.

It will get better.