It’s in my Dave Ramsey Plan

Seems like it has been a long time since my last post. Between work, lack of sleep and migraines I have mentally been drained.

Last weekend we went to a free event with a friend and her kids. Free is our new favorite. If someone invites us to something my first question is the cost. If there is no cost then we go. My kids are starting to ask for things less and less. But they are still kids so they do still ask.

Since I am not hiding the fact that we are in debt and trying to get out (like I normally would) my friend makes sure to lets me know if things she invites us too are Dave Ramsey friendly. And she also questions me about things I buy asking if its in my Dave Ramsey plan. Gotta love supportive friends who keep you on track.

I will admit that selling stuff to make money for our $1000 fund is proving difficult. I have stuff to sell but no one to buy. I am thinking of doing a yard sell in a few weeks to help with the fund. It will take me that long to go through and gather everything I can for a yard sale. I feel I will have to use the hoarder method of getting rid of everything. 3 piles: keep, sell or maybe. I know I have stuff to sell its just the parting with things is hard. But being in debt is harder. So what do I want more, things that mean nothing or debt?

Oh a garden update…..its looking good out there!!! We are going to be planting pumpkins and corn at my parents house next week. They have a large garden that they don’t use (whoever lived there before did use it).

I have turned some more coworkers onto Dave Ramsey plan. I lent my Complete Guide to Money to one of the nurses to read. I find it makes me happy to be able to help people like that. Even though I am not where I want to be financially, being able to help someone else realize their goals means we can hold each other accountable.